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Located in the Esplanade Mall, this sister establishment is the modest, toned down version of the accomplished My Humble House Restaurant, but manages to look every bit as classy. Officially launched in 2004, Space is very much a light-hearted environment for people to enjoy a modern Chinese cuisine that has the distinct touches of skilful chefs. A good place to dine in before and after attending a show in the Esplanade theatre, the style of eating here is fuss-free and unhurried.

Space @ Humble House follows a very Zen-like minimalist appeal, with clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. Following an earthy theme, its interior is a masterpiece of dark brown and pure white. Dressed up in an open concept of simple wood panels that surrounds the airy space, patrons are invited to participate in some voyeurism exchange with the passersby, while partaking of their meals.

With over 30 selections to choose from, Space @ Humble House has a range of appetizers, soups, mains and desserts that are characteristically Chinese, yet infused with an unexpected twist of other Asian influences.

  • A Humble Start to the meal

    Catchy names like “Chew on this!” and “Time to Rock and Roll!!” for the dishes are painstakingly thought out by the creative team behind Space @ Humble House to give the restaurant that bit of a casual and fun approach. With a mix of light bites, fresh salads and hearty soups, you will never be bored with the vibrant menu that they offer.

    A must try is their Roast Chicken salad, entitled “Time to Rock and Roll!” ($14) that is served generously with a buffet of other fresh greens, mushrooms, strawberries, chestnuts, mandarin orange, walnuts and many others. Presented to us in a transparent jar, the waiter will then pour some Honey Mustard sauce, and shake the mixture thoroughly to attain an even mix. This was delightful and fulfilling, with so many different tastes melted into one, opening our appetites for more! A new addition to the menu, the Crunchy Crackers with Chicken Floss ($10) that was tastefully done with strong Thai elements.

    For those with a penchant for all things herbal, you will love the Double-boiled Spring Chicken Soup with Ginseng and Glutinous Rice ($18). Served in a no nonsense fashion, this soup is wholesomely delicious. Much attention has carefully brewed the chicken to perfection, stuffed with fragrant glutinous rice to give it its distinct aroma. Appropriately named “Double Wonder”, this herbal dish tastes sweet initially, and then proceeding to becoming slightly bitter, which people say is a sure sign of a quality ginseng root.

  • Mains

    To taste local food that is cooked to near perfection, the Laksa with Fresh Rock Oyster, Cod Fish, Scallops, Stuffed Bean-stick ($16) is a must have. With such a luxurious spread of fresh seafood in everyone’s favourite Laksa noodles, this dish is bound to impress. Oozing with fragrance of coconut, the gravy is sufficiently thick, without being too oily or spicy for fussy eaters. Also a hot favourite is the popular local delicacy, the Carrot Cake (also known as Fried Radish Cake). The chefs at Space are careful to match the Fried Radish Cake with a spread of freshly peeled crabmeat, succulent prawns, juicy scallops and eggs ($16), infused with a tinge of spiciness. Tasting heartwarmingly familiar to local palates, this dish is highly popular amongst the patrons of Space. The Stewed Beef Shank with Radish and Beancurd Stick ($18) is also skillfully prepared with its meat cooked to an appropriate tenderness and was aromatic.

  • A Humble Close

    The dessert selection in the menu is disappointingly limited, with strong My Humble House influences. A unique dish to try would be the Cream of Sweet Corn with Vanilla Ice-cream ($8) that is poetically named “A stroll in Orchard”. Not commonly served as a dessert, the natural sweetness of the corn coupled with the creamy vanilla flavour was a brilliant close to our meal. Those who miss savouring their mum’s red bean soup can also try the Cream of Red Beans with Coconut Ice-cream ($8), which is topped off with some coconut milk.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Space @ Humble House 
Some people would see this place as being the cheaper alternative to Humble House, and expect it to then have considerably lower standards. However, I would like to defend this modestly small yet excellent restaurant as it has definitely outdone itself. For their reasonable prices, it is a pleasant surprise to see that their food was value for money, and alluring in its taste. Conceptualized by the celebrated Chef Leong, and headed by Executive Chef Ken Poon, Space @ Humble House was successful in delivering a menu that reflected a keen understanding of Singaporeans’ preferences in cuisines. Portions served were sufficiently large, and ideal for some friendly communal sharing. 

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