Table 108

Table 108 is reminiscent of what Shanghai will look like in 10 years; essentially holding on to its Chinese roots but infused with distinct contemporary influences from all around the world. In fact, parts of China probably look like that now. The latest addition to the celebrated Esmirada Group restaurants, Table 108 is their first venture into the Asian cuisine. Serving up carefully selected dishes adopted from different parts of Asia , it has recently introduced a range of Western favourites to further diversify their menu and simultaneously cater to their patrons’ needs. So if you are looking for a place that has a good mix of cuisines, this restaurant that registers high on the hip quotient should definitely be one of your top picks.


  • The feel 
    To describe this restaurant in one word, I would have to say it is truly sexy. Furnished in sensual reds and dark browns and illuminated scarlet by the Vietnamese lanterns overhead, the mood is further enhanced with candlelit tables and soft lounge music. The best seats in the house will have to be the row of couple tables that feature dark intricately designed Chinese screens that partially separates the guests from the rest of the diners, making it inviting for the couple who could use some privacy. The other end of the room carries that bit of a rustic feel with a partially lined brick wall that comes attached with another row of booth seats that look just as plush.

    Guests are also invited to chill out at the bar that is located right at the door for pre or post dinner drinks, and take joy in unwinding on their custom made seats that will soothe anyone into having a few martinis. Their bartender prepares a mean martini, or so I heard. For those who are looking to taste something different, please request for a DIY martini where you can customize your martini to how you would want it to taste!

  • The Food 
    Perhaps they could not make up their minds, or maybe they just wanted to put forth a variety, but the chefs have chosen to offer a menu that is so extensive it could end up looking just that bit directionless. Besides having Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and local favourites, there are also additions of Italian, Greek and American influences that look suspiciously like it was adapted from the menu of their sister establishment Esmirada. Anyhow, this fool-proof selection will wow those who love to have every kind of cuisine conveniently served under one roof.

    Dishes that are worth highlighting are their Thai Chicken Green Curry ($16), Grilled Prawns Skewer ($27) and the Thai Beef Salad ($15).

    The green curry tastes just like how it should; sweet with distinct aromas of coconut, Thai lemongrass and shallots. Contained within a traditional Chinese-inspired bowl normally used for the preparation of tedious broths, the green curry comes with a generous serving of chicken, and topped off with some fragrant Thai basil. The grilled king prawn tasted evidently of its garlic butter seasoning, and contrasted greatly with sides of rather bland-tasting Malaysian-styled Hokkien noodles and a serving of Rucola salad drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The mix was unconventional but worked interestingly well altogether. Lastly, the Thai beef salad was a blend of fresh herbs, mushrooms and chillies that awarded a medley of sweet, sour and spicy taste sensations, with lightly salted slices of beef that added the finishing touches to this simple affair.

    Desserts lacked much variety, offering choices of brownies, ice-creams, grilled bananas and classic cheesecakes. Prices are reasonably pegged at $4-10 each.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Table 108 
Whilst I was impressed by the chic decor of this restaurant, I will have to say that the food does not match up to the usual Esmirada standards, or at least not for the prices that they charge. Some of the dishes I sampled were often too salty and over-cooked, though there were of course the noteworthy selection dishes that could satisfy. I am prepared to give Table 108 the benefit of my doubt as no restaurant can be perfect, and my hunch tells me that I caught the chefs on a bad day. Anyhow, this place has already attracted a steady stream of expatriates, locals and tourists who come in to enjoy their dinner while soaking up the sensual atmosphere, with a great many who are willing to make special trips down just to savour their range of martinis at the exquisite martini lounge. 

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