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It is uncommon to find Chinese dishes which are infused with Indian spices and condiments but at Indian Wok, the chef, Rai Binod, has been whipping up lip-smacking Indian-Chinese cuisines for diners. Opened about five months ago, the restaurant, which is tucked along the streets of East Coast Road, has seen a steady stream of visitors, all eager to try the food.


  • The Vibe 
    Reflecting the fusion style of the food, the interior of Indian Wok exudes two different ambiences all together. The first part of the dining hall is all about class, with its low hanging chandelier and its gold motif wallpaper on the ceiling. This part of the dining hall oozes with a sense of intimacy, ideal for a private meal with loved ones. Mirrors are hung in the restaurant strategically, giving the illusion that the restaurant is much bigger. The second part of the dining hall, where the bar is located, moves away from the classic look and appears to be designed in a slightly more modern concept. Dressed in cherry-red toned furniture, this side of the restaurant is given a refreshing feel with the pastel pink coloured walls as well as wallpapers with intricate designs on it. Then, chill out to the melodious instrumental Bollywood music as you tuck in to a scrumptious Indian-Chinese style meal.
  • The Food 
    Kick-start your appetite whetting meal with the Jade Chicken Soup ($8). The thick light green coloured soup, which is made out of a spinach base with shreds of chicken, is best eaten warm and tastes almost similar to Shark’s Fin Soup. If you are one of those who need that extra kick of spice, do note that the Jade Chicken Soup tastes pretty mild; so do sprinkle in the pepper.

    Indulge in a starter of Crab Claws ($15), which is a chef’s recommendation here at Indian Wok. Using only the freshest crabs – only the claws are used, with the shell removed to facilitate a smoother dining experience. The crab claws are cooked in sweet chilli and herbs, giving the dish a tantalizing aroma. This dish is slightly on the spicier end but nothing that will ruin the palate for the other dishes to come.

    For a fiery sensation, try the Devil’s Prawns ($20). Be very cautious with this dish, as it can be tear inducing for those who cannot stomach their chilli. The fresh prawns are marinated and deep-fried in a special batter with fiery chilli sauce. Fret not as the spice level of the Devil’s Prawns, like any other dishes, can be toned down to cater to individual palates.

    A milder option would be the Shredded Chicken with Green and Red Pepper ($14). The chicken is drenched in sauce, which is lightly salted and goes easy on the palate. Couple this with the Chicken and Egg Fried Rice ($8) made out of basmati rice, a commonly used rice grain in India. The Chicken and Egg Fried Rice is slightly pepperish and goes well with all the dishes.

    Finally, soothe the palate with a delectable dessert of Darsaan ($12). Not so commonly found in Singapore, this dessert made out of flat noodles, is glazed in honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This crunchy dessert and ice cream is the perfect way to end off a satiating meal!

  • The Service 
    Providing a commendable service, the staffs ensure that dining at the restaurant is an unforgettable experience. The chef even makes the effort to step out of the kitchen to interact with the customers to find out their preferences to ensure that the taste of the food suits their palates.

The SD Food Advisor’s Take on Indian Wok 
Singaporeans take their food seriously and are always on the prowl for good food. Indian Wok provides a satisfying meal at a reasonable price coupled with chic ambience. The portions of the dishes are also not too small and there are a good variety of dishes for diners to choose from. However, being secluded in a corner of East Coast Road does makes it a little hard to find but hey, there is always the map for that! So no excuses for not making your way down to the restaurant for good food.

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