Kashmir – A Culinary Paradise

Originating from the enthralling beauty of the Kashmir valley in North India, the restaurant bearing the same name fosters a unique yet harmonious representation of its culinary paradise to Singapore’s Race Course Road.  As a unit of Saffronfoods & Consultants, an Indian catering business active for the past 9 years,Kashmir is soon to launch a new branch at East Coast Road to celebrate its second thriving year in country. Commencing from humble beginnings with its roots springing from a land of diverse influences, Kashmirrestaurant promises local and foreign taste buds alike of an exquisite gourmet treat.


The Vibe:

The unpretentious façade and interior transports guests to experience the quaint and mystical aura of the Kashmir valley.  This unique ambience revolving around miniature shikaras, a type of wooden boat commonly found on its bodies of water, supplemented with traditional rugs and embroidered curtains creates a dose of nostalgia. These are artefacts found in all Kashmiri’s household which propels people to be reminiscent of their hometown. Both the décor and quiet serenade of sitar-based music echoing in the restaurant invades ones senses and yet brings it to a calm.


The Food:

Kashmir integrates both of its Muslim and Hindu influences.


For starters, the serving of Tandoori Murg (chicken) never fails to tempt the palate.  The Tangri Kebab (chicken legs marinated in cashewnut paste and cream, cooked to perfection in tandoor/clay oven), indulges ones appetite and moves one to complete contentment.   Chutney acts as an integral part of all Indian meals and without it, the meal would remain incomplete.


For the main course, Naan bread  ranges from—but not limited to—garlic, butter and cheese. Dal Bukhara, one of the more favoured dishes and a delicacy found only here, is slow cooked overnight. Bhuna Gosht which is lamb cooked with onion, tomato, and an aromatic Indian spice adds a delicious twist to the meal.  Murg Tikka Labbabdar which is chicken cooked with tomato and onion in creamy sauce creates a harmonious marriage when combined with Kashmiri Pulao (long grain rice cooked in perfect harmony with nuts, saffron & kevra).


Alternatively, the amalgamation of cottage cheese and butter Paneer Makhni (cottage cheese cubes cooked in tomato based creamy sauce topped with butter) is an absolute delight paired with the Naan.  Chef and patrons alike, after biting into Mutton Roganjosh (lamb sautéed in mustard oil and finished in red spicy gravy) proclaim that it as an utterly satisfying treat. It is considered one of the top picks, together with the Afghani Murg(chicken marinated in almond paste, cream & grilled over charcoal).


Aside from the crowd-pleasing Mango Lassi, unique to Kashmir restaurant is Masala Chaach (yoghurt drink with green chilli, salt and cumin powder)—which complements the extraordinary meal as its salty, tangy taste and flavour trickles down the throat. Once again, bringing sheer pleasure and thus leaving one craving for more.


Desert, wherein Phirni (semolina pudding, with pistachio almond & saffron) is served, basically leaves an explosion of zesty and profound delight in every mouthful.


The Service:

The sufficient number of staff placed in this cozy setting promotes attentiveness to each and every patron. There is also a ritual washing of hands, as a basin called tash-tari is passed before each meal, adding up to a personalised and cultural touch to its service.


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