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The restaurant’s name, ‘Kinara’ is translated as “the edge” in Hindi, and “riverbank” in Punjabi. In other words, it also means “shoreline” or “meeting point”, which is well explained by its strategic location along the Singapore River . With loyal customers from all over the world, Kinara proudly proclaims to be the must-go place for North Indian fares in Singapore .


  • The Vibe 
    Take a leisurely stroll through the impressive ancient gates at the entrance of the restaurant which will bring to you the breathtaking charm of India , brought to life in a miniature version. These gates are of rich historical heritage; they were the gates of the Maharaja’s Palace in Rajasthan, a northwest state of India located to the south of Punjab . Its atmosphere starkly contrasting to its bustling surrounds, a walk through these gates magically transforms you to become one of royalty status.

    Kinara radiates an ambience of elegance and peace, exhibiting a magnificent collection of Indian statues and culture-rich decorative items. Outfitted with majestic wooden arches and exquisite wall carvings, they reflect the grandeur of the past. Extenuating the majestic appeal of the restaurant is the delicate fabric laid artistically at some corners of the restaurant. Candle lights line the stairways as you, my highness, tread up to the second level, evocative of the graceful and romantic Indian royal past.

    Besides the iron chairs which are way too heavy to be pulled out graciously for the lady, an experience of lavish comfort and pampering awaits you as you immerse yourself in the warm and intimate atmosphere.

  • The Food 
    The Kastoori Kabab ($15) is a dish of succulent chicken tikka marinated and roasted in the tandoor, topped off with mint sauce. Painstakingly marinated for more than 12 hours and then religiously cooked in the traditional clay oven, it is no wonder that the Kastoori Kabab is one of the most popular dishes on the menu. However, what steals the limelight, is the Murgh Pastoom ($20.50) – butter chicken cooked in creamy tomato gravy. Served in a traditional brass pot, the gravy is subtlely sweet but definitely luscious.

    Kinara also recommends Dal Kinara ($14.50), a vegetarian Hindi dish cooked by using yellow lentils made up of 5 different lentil types, and then sprinkled with chopped ginger, garlic and potatoes to bring it up a notch. A unique strong herb flavour, one might need some time getting used to and acquiring the taste. Complement the above dishes with a serving of Saffron Rice ($6) – Basmati rice flavoured with saffron strands.

    The Naan Basket ($14) serves plain, butter, garlic and kashmiri flavoured naan. Oval- shaped, crisp, and slightly charred at the sides, a naan is actually dough, cooked on the inside wall of the tandoor. The kashmiri naan is particularly interesting because of the dried cherries and nuts sprinkled all over the dough, hence its sweet tingling taste.

  • The Service 
    The service staff lines themselves at the entrance of the restaurant, eagerly ready to usher their guests into the restaurant. The menus were promptly brought by the service staff. However, if you were seated on the second level, it might be difficult to catch the attention of the service staff which is more focused on serving the majority of the customers seated on the first level. Nevertheless, the second level would be appropriate if you want a relatively quiet seating area which would allow you to glance at the Singapore River while having your meal.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Kinara 
The meticulous efforts taken by the restaurant in promising a distinctive Indian experience is greatly appreciated. From its overall ambience of splendor and magnificence to its brass wares and silver cutlery, one would feel like a royalty in the house of Kinara. Perhaps, Kinara might consider designing a new menu to replace the current one which is rather worn-out and contains slight spelling mistakes. Otherwise, its traditional Indian cuisine does not fail to please your senses.

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