Billowing curtains in amethyst, majestic upholstered seats and a chic address; walk into Queen’s Tandoor at Robertson Walk and be awed by a setting fit for royalty. Newly opened in December 2006, this restaurant which serves Indian and fusion cuisine, exudes a genteel elegance befitting its name.


  • The Vibe 
    Queen’s Tandoor has deeply etched roots in its country of origin, Indonesia, where it has four restaurants under its belt. Popular with the locals, the restaurant has garnered numerous awards including “Best Indian Restaurant” and has since expanded its business to include neighbouring Manila, with Singapore being its latest foray.

    The restaurant boasts two marquee-like “VIP Corners” which seats 12 patrons each, equipped with LCD screens, complemented with “lighted’ tables creating a private yet cozy enclave. When night falls, artfully decorated twinkling lights beckon patrons. Whether you are seated indoors or outdoors, you are bound to feel at ease as the restaurant aims to ensure that everyone is treated royally.

  • The Food 
    For lunch, patrons are in for a treat. Buffets are priced at a very affordable $13.90 ++ per head. The buffet spread is placed right at the center of the spacious restaurant, directly in front of the hexagonal “see-through” kitchen. If you are done drooling over the variety of tandoori that are being skillfully skewered, start off your gastronomical pleasure with a buffet adventure of more than 10 dishes.

    The lunch buffet spread changes daily, ranging from fish to chicken gravy to noodles, rice, bread and vegetables as well as a selection of raitas and gulab jammun as dessert.

    A highly recommended starter from the buffet selection is the warm and moist naans, freshly baked. Karishma, co-owner of Queen’s Tandoor, shared with us that freshness is integral to the ingredients used at Queen’s Tandoor, right down to how the food is to be served. Apart from naans, the fragrant pulao rice  goes well with the assorted gravies. Try the dhal, a typical South Indian dish or savour the creamy fish with curry sauce. The fish is tender to the point of simply melting in your mouth giving a pleasant sourish aftertaste. Mix and match to your liking and you are bound to be back for more servings.

    For more selections, patrons can opt for the ala carte. The Kebab Sampler ($19.90) is a good start. The sampler includes chicken, fish, mutton kebab and prawns. Of the Kebab Samplerselection, the prawns are simply scrumptious. One can literally taste its freshness and succulence right down to its buttery and delicately spiced aftertaste – it is guaranteed not to burn your palate.

    Alternatively, go for the Raan E. Bahar ($39.90), a specialty of Delhi. The succulent leg of lamb is simply mouth-watering and mildly spiced. Highly recommended is the Fish Tava ($20.90). Cooked in “tava” and served in cubes, this soothing yoghurt-based, creamy concoction simply oozes goodness with its freshness.

    Fancy a healthier biryani? Then look no further than the Matka Biryani ($13.90- $21.90). Patrons have a choice of pairing the biryani with vegetables, egg, chicken, fish, mutton or prawns. Cooked in an earthen pot, this non-oily Hyderabad-styled biryani is redolent of the spices it is cooked with. Tastewise, it is savoury and spiced from within – definitely a winner!

    Queens has an extensive range of roti ranging from the ordinary to the uncommon. Try theRoomali Roti ($4.90). This handkerchief bread is super thin and should be eaten hot to savour its full taste. For bread with fillings, try the Masala Kulchar ($5.90). Sprinkled generously with greens, this spongy and moderately spiced bread, stuffed with potato and cottage cheese, is good enough to be eaten on its own although it could be a tad filling. The one that tops the list is the Desi Jowar ($4.90). Made of “jowar” flour, a type of cereal grain, it is flavoured with coriander and green-chillies, then grilled. Queen’s version is not only nourishing but packs a punch in terms of taste. Its crispness is addictive and can be eaten, sans gravy.

    At Queen’s, children are not forgotten. Surprise them with paper pizza . With a choice of either the vegetarian or non-vegetarian ($19.90) selection, this specially made pizza debunks the notion of a typical thick-crusted pizza. Rather, this one is paper thin, giving it its crispness and look not dissimilar to a crispy chip. Simply bite into one and savour its crispness alongside a delightful topping of tiny cubes of chicken and a smattering of green chillies. Certainly addictive and definitely a winner not only for children but adults alike! Top off your meal on a sweet note with Kulfi ($4.90), an Indian ice cream made from fresh milk, served in a metal cone – certainly one of the best ones around!

    Queen’s Tandoor also boasts a chaat bar placed near the wine bar. Chaat is a broad term referring to snacks and appetizers. Request for instance dhosai or pani puri and watch as the chefs skillfully whip up your meal. Likewise, choose to be seated at the nearby bar counter and partake in your drink while you wait for food to be served.

  • The Service 
    Service is warm and soliticious without being obtrusive. Our glasses are refilled in a timely manner and dishes are served with flourish. The staff ensure that dining at Queen’s Tandoor is a pleasant experience.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Queen’s Tandoor 
Queen’s Tandoor is renowned for its Indian cuisine and is indeed worthy of its reputation. While the restaurant started out with fusion dishes in mind, the latter has receded into the background. Taking into account patrons’ feedback, the restaurant has expanded its range of Indian food to include popular dishes from the subcontinent. This has resulted in an extensive Indian menu. Coupled with the restaurant’s belief of serving nothing but fresh ingredients and natural seasoning, it has proven to be a healthier choice while not compromising on taste. The restaurant provides a great venue for functions with its ample space.

Visit this restaurant to enjoy its Indian fare, amidst its stylish ambience at reasonable prices and you won’t be disappointed.

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