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The enigma of Indian cuisine often shrouds less informed diners, the use of the large variety of spices on a whole variety of foods, dangerously treads a thin line between being sophisticated and overwhelming. Saffron Bistro adopts a modern and classy take on traditional North Indian food culture, bringing its diversity to their guests with ease. “Saffron” is usually cultivated in the Kashmir region and is the most expensive spice in the world, symbolising the lofty status it hopes to achieve.


Owners Geri and Marilynn Ng opened their doors to the suits-donned professionals in downtown district, Raffles Place in 2002. This quaint restaurant is tucked near the corner of the row of shophouses along Circular Road and has since carved out a niche in serving quality non-fuss North Indian fare.

  • The Vibe 
    Illuminated by the warm lighting of the lotus shaped wall lamps, Saffron Bistro’s mahogany and burgundy interiors is also well complemented by the soft caress of the flickering candle lights. Together with the intelligent use of sari cloth that combs the perimeter of the interior, it infuses a distinct sense of tradition in an already romantic setting ideal for sweet whisperings of loving couples. Instead of enjoying the restaurant’s selection of traditional Indian music in the main dining area, you may also choose to dine alfresco. This way, no one will be disturbed with the lighting of a cigar while waiting for the dishes to be served.
  • The Food 
    The chefs at Saffron Bistro are specially scouted from India and have at least 15 years of culinary experience in the craft. Together, they gave traditional North Indian favourites a contemporary twist, cleverly currying favour with unconventional infusion of local ingredients in their masterpieces. They also subscribe to a policy of only preparing food for the same day itself to ensure guests are served the freshest quality food.

    The Murgh Tandoori (1/2 pc $13.90) commonly known as tandoori chicken, is tender, juicy and mildly spiced to allow the natural flavour of the meat to come through. Cooked in the traditional clay oven to allow a smoky charcoal flavour to seep into the meat, this is also the table favourite of past Moghul emperors.

    The Zaffrani Machli ($8.90) is a highly recommended starter as its saffron spiced dory fishcakes is well deep fried to a golden coat. The chef used pineapple juice to bring out a taste of fruity freshness from the fishcake and when accompanied with curry mayonnaise is one divine palate experience.

    The restaurant’s own creation, the Saffron Special Lamb Ribs ($22.00) is simply scrumptious. Marinated in an assortment of spices and stewed on a bed of curry mash potatoes, the meat slips off the bone easily and did not disintegrate into a soft mess. It is surely well worth its price.

    If you prefer something light, a suitable but no less deserving alternative is the Murgh Kashmiri ($13.90). This fruit curry chicken is garnished with slices of apples, pineapples and nuts, a surprisingly good complement with curry. The curry is mild and the chicken tender pieces tender, little wonder why it is also highly popular at Saffron Bistro.

    The desserts menu is small but nonetheless packs a punch. The Mango Kulfi ($7.50) is sprinkled with pistachios and the lychee Sorbet ($5.50) are good choices to end your mean with. Visually well presented, the apple carving of the Mango Kulfi gives life to the dessert just like it resembling a tail to the Indian ice-cream.

  • The Service 
    At Saffron Bistro, the service staff is polite and prompt in service. Their earnestness comes through and your mood easily becomes comfortable and relaxed. They know their menu well and certainly make good recommendations.

SD Food Advisor’s take on Saffron Bistro 
Saffron Bistro has successfully captured the essence of fusion North Indian cuisine by given modern and local twists to authentic North Indian dishes. Although you might find the food somewhat pricey, one has to note that this restaurant is located in the prime financial district of the country. However, it would be an anomaly to find any guests of Saffron Bistro disappointed by the food quality.

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