If you want to be treated like royalty, then Shahi Maharani is the place to go. Tucked in a cosy corner on the third level of Raffles City , the Shahi Maharani, which means Royal Queen, has been whipping up tasteful North Indian cuisines for years and has even reputed itself to be the place to go for mouth-watering North Indian food.


  • The Vibe 
    The heavy and intricately designed wooden doors give a royal welcome to all who enters. One step into this exquisite restaurant and you will instantly be hit by the inviting aroma of the dishes being served. Friendly staffs immediately usher you to your seats and fuss over you as they prepare to fulfill your conquest for the royalty treatment. The warm brown and beige colours of the restaurant puts you at an instant ease, making you feel almost at home. A subtle gold trimming frame the walls and borders the ceilings, complimenting the colours of the interior of the restaurant. A soft glow of light shines over the tables as a lamp is hung above, giving that almost romantic ambience for diners. During dinner, be aurally pleased as a three piece live band hailing from Nepal entertains diners as they belt out numbers of Bollywood hits after 8pm onwards. Be sure to note the extent Shani Maharani has gone to ensure that diners feel as though they are royalties in India . Almost all the furnishing, from the doors to the ornaments, has been imported in to Singapore from India , for an authentic taste of India .
  • The Food 
    With the aroma of the delectable dishes wafting through, tummies are sure to be growling. Appease your stomach with the appetizer Bhindi Pakoras ($7.80), which consists of finely sliced skins of lady’s fingers deep fried in a batter to perfection. Unlike other forms of pakoras, which can be too filling for an appetizer dish, the Bhindi Pakoras is light on the stomach and can be quite addictive.

    For those who intend to go straight for something more filling and satisfying, then be sure to try the Tandoori Milawat ($24.90), a Shahi Maharani special. The Tandoori Milawat makes a grand entrance as it sizzles its way to the table. This dish, which is served on a hotplate, offers an array of tandoori grill and sheekh kebabs to give diners a taste of the different types of tandoori and kebabs available. The tandoori prawns were soft and succulent. Not to be outdone, the Lamb Chop Shah Jehani ($24.90) also makes a sizzling appearance on the hotplate. The thick slices of lamb were grilled before being covered in a thick and spicy sauce made out of fresh tomatoes, chopped onions and a myriad of spices. Cutting through the lamb chops was not such a breeze as it was a little tough but amazingly on your first bite, the lamb was nothing but tender and easy on the teeth. The sauce added an amazing touch to the dish as every mouthful gave a different flavour. In true blue royalty tradition, you can make a request if you would like the dishes to be spicier or tone down the spice level.

    If you are one with an acquired taste and love your spinach the way Popeye does, then give the Palak Paneer ($14.90) a try. According to the restaurant supervisor, this dominantly creamy green dish is made of onions and tomatoes base with spinach as a main ingredient for the sauce with cubes of soft cottage cheese. The green colour proves to be a change from the usual reddish and brown colours served but if you are strictly a meat eater, then this dish might not top your list.

    What good is an Indian meal without a taste of sweetness at the end? Try the Gulab Jamun, a traditional and popular Indian dessert which always been known to be diabetic inducing but at Shahi Maharani, the sweetness of the Gulab Jamun has been reduced to accomodate your palates.

  • The Service 
    The waiters and waitresses are all decked in traditional Indian garb, which are the Punjabi suits. They are attentive to diners needs without disrupting your dinners and are quick to respond to requests.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Shahi Maharani 
Given the pleasing and inviting ambience, it is no secret that almost everyone would want to be treated like a royalty and here, you get to almost live it out. Being able to request the adjustment in the level of spiciness to suit individual taste buds and having your dishes served on a hotplate makes dining here a personal delight.

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