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Since its inception 15 years, Shayray has been whipping up dishes to whet the appetites of adventurous diners who endeavour to go off the fatigued trail of common cuisines. Located at the bustling Holland Village, it has attracted a clientele that seeks the exoticness and mystery that lies within North Indian cuisine before heading off to the watering holes located in its vicinity. Shayray also boasts a comprehensive drinks menu and has an array of drinks that should satisfy you should you choose to have it to accompany the main dishes.


  • The Vibe 
    Stepping into Shayray, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in India . It is evident that the owner has gone to great lengths to recreate the atmosphere that is found back in India. Fashionably designed with traditional North Indian ornaments adorning its walls, the accompanying lights create a comforting ambience for one to dine in utmost ease. 
  • The Food 
    Begin with the signature tandoori dishes that are synonymous with North Indian cuisine. TheTandoori Prawns ($25) are king prawns roasted with tandoori chef’s special spices. The king prawns are undeniably fresh and smacks of oceanic sweetness. The spices enhance the flavours of the crustacean and works to great effect. It has a distinct smoky aroma that is brought about by the roasting of the king prawns. The remaining dishes that make up thetandoori line-up include the Tandoori Chicken ($16 for half, $30 for whole) and the Rann Musallam ($30 for half, $60 for whole). The tandoori chicken is a Punjabi dish dating back to the time of the Mughal Empire in Central and Southern Asia; it is still popular throughout that area till this day. Shayray’s rendition of the tandoori chicken is spring chicken that is first marinated with yoghurt and spices, then charcoal-grilled to perfection. The fowl is very tender and would be a good dish for sharing between friends. The Rann Musallam is lamb rack marinated with the tandoori spices. It is chewy and had all the juices locked within the meat, resulting in a very enticing dish that is hard to resist. The tandoori series of dishes are a good introduction of what is to come later in the meal.

    The naan at Shayray is also not to be missed. For the uninitiated, naan actually originated from Persian-speaking nations and is literally translated as bread. The naan is a round flatbread made of white flour and cooked in a tandoor, or clay oven, from which tandoori cooking takes its name. We tried the Garlic Naan ($4) and the Kashmiri Naan ($6) which are meant to go along with the hearty stew that it is served with. The garlic naan has a unique flavour and is really light on the palate. It would be the ideal complement to the stews that are to be served. TheKashmiri Naan has dried fruits, raisins and nuts added to it and could be eaten on its own. The heady aroma is unmistakable when it is served and revved up our appetites.

    At Shayray’s, the stews and curries are certainly worth a shot as they are painstakingly simmered over long hours to bring you the intense flavours of Indian cuisine, replete with spices and herbs. For patrons who prefer non-spicy dishes, go for the Murgh Makhani ($16) and the Palak Paneer ($12). The Murgh Makhani is shredded tandoori chicken cooked in spice-buttered tomato gravy. This concoction is slightly sweet and would go down well with tomato lovers. As with the other two stews, this dish goes well with the naan or bryani rice. The Palak Paneer is cottage cheese cooked in creamy spinach-base gravy. The gravy is very thick and viscous, with the essence of spinach being evident in it but yet not too overpowering. At the other end of the spectrum, the Rogan Josh ($18) provides a slightly spicier proposition. It is fresh mutton cooked in Kashmiri style. This dish has a peppery and savory taste, filled with chunks of fresh and tender mutton. Once again it proved to be the best complement to thenaan and eating the two together certainly made my day.

  • The Service 
    The staff is prompt and always serves with a smile. Do not hesitate to approach the manager for recommendations as they are warm and hospitable, ever-ready to highlight the daily specials to customers.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Shayray
Shayray is one of its kind. Its take on North Indian cuisine is one of utmost passion and dedication to the authenticity of the food. This is translated into dishes that have not been compromised in any way so as to deliver it the same way as it would in India itself. The relaxing vibes of the restaurant make it a prime candidate for the office worker’s choice to dine and unwind after a hard week at work. The location is also a big plus point as one can look to having a scrumptious and exotic meal at Shayray’s before heading to the watering holes located within Holland Village itself.

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