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Located at Clarke Quay, Ivory Kitchen is positioned to draw in locals as well as expatriates. Facing the Singapore River with a gorgeous view of Clarke Quay, thanks to it being perched on the second floor, guests have more to look forward to than just the authentic coastal Indian dishes that this fine dining restaurant offers.

The Vibe 
Breaking away from the clichéd facade of Hindu glorification, Ivory Kitchen adopts a completely contemporary interior with parquet flooring and neutral colours. And instead of your traditional Bollywood music, diners will be entertained with mellow music specially selected from different continents. The restaurant gives off an aura of tranquility and intimacy. With yellow lights casting dim shadows against the floor, coupled with a zen-styled water feature and a low-hanging chandelier, the space really plays up on its serene appeal.

An interesting highlight of the restaurant is the open kitchen concept, whereby diners are able to view the preparation of the food. The sight of the delectable dishes being prepared is bound to whet your appetite. Despite the open kitchen concept that Ivory Kitchen has, the dining areas are kept clean and untainted by the smoke from the kitchen, all thanks to the wonders of technology. It makes dining both a gastronomical pleasure and visual wonder.

The Food 
Ivory Kitchen might be adopting a modern façade but the food stays almost authentic. To ensure that your palate is not ruined by the extreme spice levels, the chefs has decided to bring down the spice level a notch so that locals and expatriates alike, can enjoy the taste of the other dishes. Kick-start your meal with the pineapple rasam which is pineapple soup that can be accompanied with rice or on eaten on its own. Its unique blend of sweetness and sourness balances both extremes and is peasant upon the palate. This is achieved by adding diced pineapple cubes in the soup to masked the smell of the spices used, thus giving it a sweet aroma.

For the appetizer, take on the Malabari Trio which is the signature dish of chef Mr Wali Ahmand. It is a display of fresh succulent tiger prawns, chilli fried chicken and tender red pepper lamb just too tempting a dish to resist. The appetizer on its own, is great hint of the tangy tastes of India .

The Makti Dum Murgh with Tandoori, another chef speciality, deserves two thumbs up. The creamy gravy that the bite size chicken is cooked in burst with flavours with every spoonful taken. This dish has a dash of saffron and green cardamom thrown in and is laboriously cooked over a slow fire.

For the vegetarians, the Coastal Indian Vegetable Platter is a must try. Even non-fans of veggies will like it because of the spices. Tossed in the wok are baby corns, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms and baby potatoes. With the assortments of vegetables that go into this dish and each bringing its own distinct taste, the Coastal Indian Vegetable Platter has a good mix of spiciness and sweetness.

The Service 
The staff are friendly and helpful in recommending and explaining the array of dishes offered. The waiters, all of whom are well-groomed, are quick to respond to your needs.

SD Food Advisor’s Take on Ivory – The Indian Kitchen 
Dining at Ivory Kitchen is set to be an enjoyable experience. The simple yet elegant interior of the restaurant sets it apart from its competitors. The food is also commendable as it suits the international palate, with their down play on spiciness. The array of dishes from the different coastal areas of India like Goa and Hyderabad gives your taste buds a round trip of India too. A great way to indulge further in the Indian wonders is to pay a visit to the Shisha bar located there!

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