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With the opening of the new Banana Leaf Apolo last January 2006, the Little India Arcade suddenly found itself on every serious food-lovers map. The branch of the famous Banana Leaf Apolo boasts of having a wider selection of courses sampling from both North and South Indian dishes. A hit since its opening, the Banana Leaf Apolo at the Arcade has been frequented by ministers, local and international celebrities, executives and people who simply want to enjoy a tasty meal, with an authentic Indian flavor.


  • The Vibe 
    If you have been to the main branch of Banana Leaf Apolo at Race Course Road , you can’t help but notice that the new Banana Leaf Apolo at the Little India Arcade is strikingly modern. The walls are splashed with white and soft pastel colors, adorned with modern Indian paintings and artifacts. The furniture and ornaments used around the restaurant were all imported from India . See-through ceilings positioned at strategic corners of the restaurant allow natural light to come in, a perfect mood setter for a quiet afternoon lunch or an intimate dinner under the blanket of stars. To complete the modern feel, the new Banana Leaf Apolo introduces its open kitchen concept where guests can take a peek on how their food is being prepared. With a spacious layout and a private room, the Banana Leaf Apolo at the Arcade can accommodate up to 500 guests, positioning itself as a venue for family meals and large gatherings.
  • The Food 
    The Fish Head Curry will always be Banana Leaf Apolo’s signature dish, but the Banana Leaf Apolo at the Little India Arcade is proud to provide more. The Squid Black ($5-$9) and the Apolo Chicken Masala ($4) are definite must try at this restaurant. On the menu only at the Arcade branch are the ever-popular Apolo Mutton Dum Biryani and Apolo Chicken Dum Biryani($8). The latter, which is highly recommended, consist of chicken marinated in spices and cooked in basmati-fried rice. The chicken is soft and succulent and the biryani is not oily, hence heightening one’s enjoyment. Try eating this dish with your hand to bring out the aromas, guaranteed to whet your appetite for more to come.

    Vegetarians can choose between a North Indian or South Indian Thali set. The North Indian Thali Set ($8) is served in a round platter with ‘tiffins’ containing tomato soup, yellow dhal, vegetables, tandoor roti, raita , biryani rice and dessert. The South Indian Thali set ($6), on the other hand, includes rasam , curd, and four types of vegetables, sambar, karai gravy, pickles, plain rice and dessert. Both sets are value for money and are a complete meal on their own. Be sure to cool down from all the spice with their famous lime juice , or with lassi , a yoghurt-based shake available in different flavors.

    Dessert-aficionados, both tourists and locals alike are in for a treat at the Banana Leaf Apolo at the Little India Arcade. Aside from the traditional Indian desserts, one can sample Haagen Daz ice cream to satisfy their dessert cravings. Craving for local desserts? This branch of Banana Leaf Apolo serves a selection of local dessert treasures such as ice kachang, chendol, ice-jelly longan and more, a rare sight in most Indian restaurants.

  • The Service 
    The service crews look smart in their light-pink long sleeves and black pants. Due to the sheer the size of the restaurant, this branch has innovatively integrated cleaning trolleys to speed up the process of clearing the tables. Notably, the crew here are generally efficient and courteous but I find that their main branch counterparts a little more helpful and enthusiastic in serving.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Banana Leaf Apolo @ Little India Arcade 
In terms of value for money, the Banana Leaf Apolo at the Little India Arcade scores high. Just like its main branch, it offers good food with reasonable prices. The added value however comes from the variety of choices available in the menu ranging from the main course to the desserts. Parking space would seem to be a problem though so if you can commute your way to Little India you might as well try it; after all it is conveniently located behind Tekka Mall. Do expect a large crowd during lunch and dinners especially on weekends. Dining the Banana Leaf Apolo at Little India Arcade treats patron to an authentic and holistic Indian dining experience in the comfort of a modern setting.

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