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The original Tiffin Room was opened in 1892 by the Sarkies brothers in what is today’s commercial hub of Raffles Place . The concept of ‘Tiffin’ came from India, where men would pack their lunches of rice, vegetables and curry in Tiffin containers. Having relocated to the Raffles Hotel in 1910, the Tiffin Room, until today, stays true to its motto of serving the taste of North Indian cuisine in its traditional flavours and natural robust colours.


  • The Vibe 
    The unmistakable colonial architecture and simple elegance of the Raffles Hotel fills the Tiffin Room. The high ceiling and glass windows create an aura of spaciousness. At the same time, its humble furnishing, fuss-free marbled flooring and dark wooden chairs affords a quaint and friendly restaurant that makes it an intimate and inviting dining space for everyone.
  • The Food 
    The Tiffin Room has an excellent North Indian food buffet. The extensive menu covers all sorts of meat, seafood and vegetable prepared with different spices, salads, appetizers, and a whole host of home-made condiments of chutneys, sauces and pickles. In addition, the desert buffet’s spread of cold & hot deserts, fruits and cakes & pastries gives diners endless possible ways to end a meal.

    Primarily a North Indian buffet, the variety of dishes, tasting almost home-made, served in the Tiffin Room will surely pamper your senses. Meat lovers would do well to have the Laal Maans(Rajasthani Lamb Curry in a Fiery Red Sauce). Don’t be fooled by its name and colour, for this dish is not as spicy as it sounds. The lamb that is paired off excellently with the curry, is cooked to perfect tenderness, and altogether awards a mouthwatering burst of spiciness and sweetness that is certainly noteworthy.

    The Jinga Lucknowi Qorma (Prawns in a Cashew and Cardamom Sauce) is an atypical dish that would come to mind when one mentions the word “curry”. While Chili is used more liberally in South India, the use of nuts is typical in North India . In this dish, succulent prawns are cooked in a fragrant creamy sauce. While not so strong in flavour, it is pleasantly light and tasty.

    Another attraction of the buffet is the live cooking station, where guests can watch the masterful chefs preparing different dishes right before their eyes, and also savour the cuisine fresh and hot from the stove.

    For dessert, the homemade Mango and Almond Ice Cream is a must-try. The combination of mango and almond makes a unique blend, coupling the sweetness of the fruit and the crunchiness and slight bitterness of the nut together. The ice cream is fresh and luxurious, generously infused with bits of almond.

    The best refreshment to accompany such an exquisite meal would definitely be their range oflassis which is yogurt with fruit. Choose either Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple accompanied by tinges of Sweet, Salted or Plain, depending on your palates, which will close your meal on a favourable note.

  • The Service 
    The service in the Tiffin Room is excellent – what you would expect from a premium hotel, and more. The staff is well groomed and polite. They are also quick to attend to diners’ needs and are always ready to help or offer suggestions. While the tables are slightly small, the service staff always makes sure that used plates are cleared quickly to reduce the clutter.

The SD Food Advisor’s Take on the Tiffin Room 
The casual atmosphere, coupled with the commendable food and service makes this one choice restaurant to dine in. However, it can get a little too noisy during the peak hours. However, the wide selection makes the Tiffin Room a perfect place to sample authentic North Indian cuisine and diners are ensured good quality in its spread.

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