Get a taste of pure Indonesia in Bayang, a restaurant that prides itself on its authentic Indonesian cuisine and simultaneously celebrates its fascinating culture alongside. A mellow face of Clarke Quay, this restaurant is tucked in the serene alleys of this dramatic nightspot, and exudes an opulence that is definitely easy to distinguish from the rest. Opened in the later part of 2006, Bayang is launched by the same people who started up the popular Renn Thai and Bali Thai restaurants. It is certain that these individuals are no strangers to the local culinary scene, and have a lot to offer up their sleeves, with Bayang being their latest project epitomizing the best of what Indonesia and Bali has to offer to its diners. 

  • The Vibe 
    Housed within a mesmeric alcove of Balinese art, modish drapes and pebbled floors, Bayang is a picture of pure tranquility and allure. Worth noting are the stylized impressions of the wayang kulit , which is the Indonesian art of puppet play that is repeated throughout its décor, and proved to further enhance the aura of mystical Indonesia . The most awe-inspiring wall feature of this restaurant is the huge custom-made wayang kulit fixture that is illuminated by alternating spotlights of soothing green, blue and beige, and casts a composed glow over the entire dining space. Those who prefer to dine in the comforts of the cool night breeze can opt to be seated in the alfresco spaces outside which is equally as enchanting.
  • The Food 
    With homemade sauces and dishes prepared by accomplished Indonesian chefs, the food served in Bayang is certainly praiseworthy. Be prepared to invigorate your taste buds with the assorted tastes of Indonesian delicacies afforded by the myriad of spices and herbs, extending a whole range of dishes that will fill you to the brim. 

    As a starter, it would be advisable to give the Appetizer Platter ($16) a try if you are undecided on what to prime your senses with. Served warm in a long wooden platter, feast your eyes on a colourful combination of grilled prawns, spring rolls, crispy begedel and aromatic chicken sate all individually flavourful and piquant. For a taste of something closer to home and also the heartstrings, do try the Sop Buntut ($15) which is a clear beef oxtail soup served in a traditional Indonesian kendil, which enables continued heating of the soup to allow its warmth to be retained, along with the natural sweetness accented by the potatoes and carrots that are also boiled within. 
    Getting to the main course proper, it is mandatory to order a serving of the fragrant nasi putih , which is steamed jasmine rice ideal for complementing the spicy dishes of Bayang. Highly recommended is the Tum Ayam ($4 per piece), which consists of steamed chicken wrapped in pandan leaves and generously coated in special spices, giving it its soft texture and a mélange of tastes. Also noteworthy is the Rendang Sapi ($10) which showcases a plate of braised beef bathed luxuriously in thick spiced coconut gravy, as well as the Kambing Ros ($10), a lamb dish with a sweet sour red sauce that blended harmoniously together. 

    After such a hearty meal, it would be inviting to indulge in their specialty Avocado Cendol ($6), which is a sinfully sweet concoction of coconut cream, palm sugar, jelly and crowned with thick slices of fresh creamy Avocado.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Bayang 
It is evident that the people behind Bayang truly know how to acquaint the essence of Indonesian food with the local palate by offering an authentic affair without sticking too much to conventions. Consideration when cooking is always given to ensure that nothing is too spicy or foreign for the untrained tongue, and especially for the unassuming tourists who do not have prior encounters with so much spice or flavour in their meals before. 

This restaurant is meticulously run, with talented chefs and a team of hospitable staff, whilst simultaneously maintaining an elegant posterior that truly charms your night, and certainly makes your meal a well-spent one.

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