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Loosely translated to mean ‘dawn to dusk’, Pagi Sore is an Indonesian restaurant that aims to bring their distinctive take on Indonesian delicacies to white-collared executives in Telok Ayer area and heartlanders from Yuan Ching Road in Jurong. The restaurant is a 23-years old family business, with the warm, jolly Mrs Liyana Kwan managing the kitchen and her son, Ziqin, helming the restaurant front.


Being Chinese Muslims from Indonesia , the Kwan family strictly serves halal Indonesian fare and has combined original Indonesian flavours with Chinese culinary flairs for a signature Pagi Sore style in their dishes. The spices and marinates Pagi Sore uses are entirely unique recipes from Mrs Kwan’s inventory. There have even been occasions when customers come armed with their own containers to purchase Pagi Sore’s tantalising sambal belacan!

  • The Vibe 
    Marketed as a family-oriented restaurant, Pagi Sore exudes a warm, homely feel in its furnishings. Intricate batik table-runners are decked on the walls – a credible attempt at imparting an Indonesian mood for its patrons. There is not much privacy in this restaurant, which can get quite packed during lunch hours, unless reservation for the VIP room is made for a larger dining group.
  • The Food 
    Dining at Pagi Sore guarantees a tantalising spread of Indonesian fare. The menu highlights each dish’s spiciness with little chilli icons beside the dish name – the more chilli icons there are, the spicier the dish is – so customers will not be unpleasantly surprised.

    Kick off the feast with a non-spicy dish of ayam bali ($5 per piece). Char-grilled chicken, with tender chunks of lean meat and flavourful crisp skin, is a tantalising appetiser served atop lovely spice gravy. Diners have taken very well to this special gravy so Pagi Sore also incorporated the same taste into a squid dish. However, Mrs Kwan maintains that Ayam Bali is greatly popular and strongly recommends it to her customers.

    What is an Indonesian meal without the mandatory seafood? You will be spoilt for choice here with an array of crab, squid, prawns and fish. Do try their signature chilli crab ($60 for 1.5kg) a substantial serving even for a group of 3 to 4 persons. The giant crabs come smothered generously in a creamy, egg-white sauce that is suitably fiery yet not too hot to handle. Savour every bit of the delectable egg-white sauce with their white rice that comes in neat, green packages. Once opened, the steaming rice wrapped in banana leaf, gives off a pleasant aroma. If you are on a low-carb diet, the tempting combination of chilli crab and rice will prove to be a great trial!

    If you are seeking some hot stuff, try the Udang Pedas ($20), a dish of fiery hot prawns that tastes as fierce as it looks. Huge, succulent prawns are served in a deep scarlet sambal base that warns of burning sensations on the tongue, which will definitely thrill chilli lovers. Notably, the prawns are not de-shelled beforehand, so diners have to use their fingers or go through the hassle of shelling them painstakingly with fork and spoon.

    Worrying about cholesterol levels? Fret not – Pagi Sore offers a scintillating list of fish delicacies as exciting as their crabs, prawns or squids. The Kepala Ikan Asam Pedas ($18) is a tangy dish of the freshest fish head swimming in a piping hot asam soup. Seemingly spicy, it is actually only mildly hot with an appetising tinge of sweet and sour asam that brings out the ultimate freshness of the fish. Savour the dish with a dash of sambal belacan to bring out the flavour, leaving you drooling for more. Alternatively, have a taste of the obscure leather jacket fish in Pagi Sore’s Ikan Otah Kukus ($16 for a small; $20 for a medium). The fleshy spine of the leather jacket fish, accompanied by a sea of scrumptious spicy otah gravy, reminds one of the more commonly found stingrays for its boneless convenience. This lip-smacking dish is one of Pagi Sore signature dishes and is definitely one not to be missed.

  • The Service 
    Living up to the name of a family restaurant, the service at Pagi Sore is warm and friendly. Watch out for the lunch-hour crowd on weekdays when service can get slower than usual with the restaurant’s overwhelming popularity with the offices nearby.

SD Food Advisor’s Take on Pagi Sore
This is one lovely family-oriented restaurant that serves Indonesian feast for people from all walks of life – with dishes ranging from non-fiery to fiery while at the same time keeping its famous touches. It also provides a fresh change to the Malay and Indian cuisine-dominated halal dining scene in Singapore . Never mind if you can’t bring your Muslim friends to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant because the chilli crab at Pagi Sore deserves a thumbs-up.

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