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Hotel Rendezvous is the place to reminisce the good old times accompanied by fragrant curry and fiery sambal. Rendezvous Restaurant, located on the third level of the hotel’s courtyard, attracts palates with their renowned Nasi Padang in all its spiced glory. Having started off more than seven decades ago in Bras Basah Road as a coffee shop, Rendezvous finally returned to the land of their humble beginning as a thriving restaurant that serves authentic Indonesian Nasi Padang in 1998. The restaurant is a big hit with the working population around the area who swoon over its brand of Nasi Padang.


  • The Vibe 
    Diners will find themselves in a charming old-school environment with the restaurant’sPeranakan-style floral tiles, granite-top tables and heavy wooden chairs. If you would like to have some privacy, there are two tables available by the windows for the discreet. 
  • The Food 
    Nasi Padang literally means rice from Padang, a place in West Sumatra, Indonesia. In Rendezvous, diners are spoilt for choice as the menu features an array of curry, rendang andsambal items to complement the mandatory staple of white rice ($1.30 per plate).

    Begin with the Curry Chicken ($6.90 for breast meat, $7.90 for thigh meat) as it scores top marks for its rich, flavourful gravy. It is not too hot and fragrant, with the abundance of spices used. The chicken is tender and easy to devour with your fork and spoon, making the dish very popular with the lunch crowd who wants a fuss-free meal. If you are in the mood for other meat, Mutton Curry ($3.90) is a cheap and good alternative. There is no need to worry about mutton odour in this curry because Rendezvous adds a special blend of spices to mask the unpalatable smell. The meat also lends a good chewy texture that allows diners to fully savour the aroma of the curry infused within. In fact, both curries’ charm lies in the gravy and complements the rice with perfection.

    Another hot favourite of regulars at Rendezvous will be the Beef Rendang ($3.90). The BeefRendang at Rendezvous justified its top billing as a popular dish surprise because the beef was cooked for more than 3 hours in rendang style. The beef was neither too soft nor too tough to be juicy and heavily suffused with the spicy gravy, making it an irresistible side for my white rice. Note that this Beef Rendang is quite a fiery item so if you are spice intolerant, then I suggest you avoid taking too much of it.

    The Korma Chicken ($6.90 for breast meat, $7.90 for thigh meat) is a mild choice for those who are not accustomed to spicy food. Stained a bright yellow with the assortment of spices used, Korma is a fragrant and very, very mild curry. Children usually take to this dish well, although the gravy very much pales in comparison to that of the hot Curry Chicken.

    No Nasi Padang should go without a sambal at least. The Fish Sambal ($3.90) and Prawn Sambal($6) brinjal sambal ($3.30) are highly popular in Rendezvous. The choice of fish used is the batang fish and three generous fillets were accompanied by tomatoes. The prawns, however, were perfectly juicy, firm and astoundingly huge for a sambal. Rendezvous insists on using pink leg prawns for the best sambal quality they can offer patrons. It was a joy feasting on the gigantic prawn head even though I had to shell the prawn with some difficulty. I was won over by the immensely savoury sambal that had the prawn flavour written all over it.

  • The Service 
    The menus for Rendezvous are found on the entrance and food counter. Be rest assured ,that all the ready-to serve staff will bring all your oder just right on time to savour it.

SD Food Advisor’s Take on Rendezvous Restaurant Hock Lock Kee 
The restaurant is located on the second level of Hotel Rendezvous; therefore it is largely unnoticed by the crowds scurrying along Bras Basah Road. A substantial Nasi Padang here is rather pricey only if you compare it with hawker prices, which is simply ridiculous because you certainly can’t get such quality curry (not to mention such enormous pink leg prawns) just anywhere else.

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