The Rice Table

All you can eat – a buffet at reasonable price located at International Building in the heart of Orchard Road . This Indonesian restaurant, which serves an array of Indonesian cuisine, has become a highlight itself.


  • The Vibe 
    The Rice Table certainly exudes Indonesian vibes with its interior. The walls of the restaurant are painted in a lighter shade of brown with dark brown panels around the restaurant. Such warm colours accentuate the sense of homeliness which Indonesia is also known for. Matching the brown walls are the rattan weaved chairs, which is also yet another trademark of the Indonesians handicraft. Intricate designs and art pieces adorn the walls. As you wait for the arrival of your food, bask in the traditional Indonesian gamelan music, that is playing in the background. The Rice Table models its dining style and name after a Dutch term, “rijsttafel”, which means “rice table”. The concept of this restaurant is that an array of dishes is served and diners would heap a dollop of rice on their plates and then tuck in to the many dishes that await them on the “rechaud”, which is the food warmer. With the presence of the food warmer, diners need not worry about their food turning cold in the air conditioned restaurant.
  • The Food 
    Be prepared for the myriad of colours and aromas that you will be seeing and smelling on your table once the food arrives. For the price of $13.80++ and $19.80++ per person for lunch and dinner respectively, diners will be able to enjoy 14 different dishes for lunch and 20 dishes for dinner! Be awed as the waiters stack plates after plates of food on the food warmer for your consumption. Take your time to savour the delectable dishes, starting with the Chicken Soup. The aroma of the soup is bound to whet your appetite further. With different sorts of garnishing like spring onions and fried onions and shreds of chicken added, the soup, which has strands of vermicelli added in to it, has a hint of the different sorts of condiments that has been thrown added into the soup. Try the Chicken Satay, served with sweet and salty peanut sauce, which remained tender despite being grilled. Be wary of some of the dishes that are on the table as they look mild but can be pretty fiery. The Curry Tofu was one such dish, which looked harmless but was slightly on the spicier side. The spiciness pounce on you seconds after entering the mouth and the momentarily burning sensation could be felt at the back of the throat. But this is nothing a mouthful of water cannot combat. With the array of dishes that the eyes feast on, be prepared to get many different tastes of Indonesia , from its sweetness to its spiciness! And fret not if a particular favourite dish is finished because the waiters are always on stand-by to replenish whichever dishes that is requested.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on The Rice Table 
The unique thing about The Rice Table is that diners get to sample a variety of dishes at a pretty reasonable price. Diners also have the option of having a refill of their favourites at no additional cost at all. The ambience of The Rice Table is also very inviting to give you a traditional Indonesian dining experience.

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1 Review

  1. Chocolate Addict, 9 years ago

    Never once have I felt so motivated to do a review immediately after a particular meal (coz I’m usually a little lazy), but after my 1st visit to The Rice Table, I really felt the urge to immediately review this place.

    My friends met for dinner on a Friday evening, after finishing a week-long of having to deal with work. And as reputation had it, we actually made a reservation for the restaurant 2 weeks in advance. Well, it was certainly a wise move, coz we actually did see people being turned away at the restaurant entrance. Anyway, having no idea what I was in for, I went to The Rice Table with little expectations, except that the food is of remarkable standard.

    Not wanting to pay much for our drinks, we each ordered a free flow of Juices – Orange, Lime or Plum. Truly free flow!! Totally helped to wash down the leftover taste of each dish!!

    Anyway, now finally to the food!! It was a galore and a stomach overdose upon seeing all the food dishes placed out on the heater. My goodness!! There was so much variety, such that I did not even know where to begin. Finally, we decided to just go for whatever that was in front of us and then do a subsequent exchange anytime throughout dinner. =)

    And seriously, I might be exaggerating a little, coz not everyone might share the same opinion as me, but I was really wow-ed by everything placed in front of me (minus the salads, definitely). Everything was just so good and so tasty!! Even the simplest of food, which I have during each Indonesian food outing, tasted equally homely and tasty!! =) This alone, made me a really happy diner that evening.

    Dinner started with the Soto Ayam, which was piping hot but it was so tasty that everyone finished it up as soon as it arrived. For anything else, we ‘attacked’ with similar speed and swiftness!! Sate Ayam had a really generous portion of chicken bits, well-soaked in a thick and fragrant gravy!! Ikan Goreng was really awesome!! The fish itself was so sweet and the spice-sweet sauce was just so tangy, that it reminded me a little of Thai food as well!! Ayam Panggang was an equally generous helping of chicken meat, but in terms of popularity around the table, it lost out to the Ayam Goreng!! =D

    Other significant dishes were Tahu Tuning, which was essentially egg-tofu in curry sauce but it definitely scored with me; Sambal Udang, which was prawns in spicy coconut sauce, but to me, it was completely not spicy, which was a very good thing for me!! =) I really love that small amount of spiciness though, coz it added a different feel to my taste-buds. In addition, there was Daging Rendang, which was spicy beef stew, and boy, the beef was so nicely done that it felt as though it would just melt in my mouth. Tender and sweet!! =) 2 other scoring dishes were Kangkong Belachan and Sotong Asam, which were 2 dishes that would always be present during any Indonesian food outing of mine.

    Upon the completion of our first round, we immediately came to a decision of which dishes to do a 2nd and 3rd etc. rounds and hesitated no longer than to call the service crew to bring on the next challenges. It was a unanimous decision to leave out all the salad dishes and just settle for repeated rounds of all the hot favourites. =)

    By the end of the dinner, we were so satisfied and so stuffed, that we decided to leave the desserts out of our meal. The Rice Table may be a small restaurant but it definitely serves up quality food and definitely does not shoo its diners away, though everyone in the restaurant (more or less) stayed beyond closing hour. And with the small service crew, they were really efficient in making sure that the diners get their orders as soon as possible.

    Upon returning home, I immediately visited The Rice Table homepage, to read up on its origin and history and in one way or another, it reminded me much of how Nasi Padang is served in Indonesia. But of course, it is not possible to have the true-blue Indonesia food-fare and cultures be completely imported to Singapore, so with whatever that is here in Singapore, and at The Rice Table, I really appreciate the efforts made by the owners.

    I will definitely be back and this time round, with my parents, who are big lovers of Indonesian cuisine!! And I will definitely make a reservation, maybe even to the extent of 3 weeks in advance!! =) So till my next visit!!

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