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Established in May last year, Al-Qasr stands out from the glittering cast of renowned restaurants in Holland Village, offering authentic Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. Literally meaning “palace”, Al-Qasr lives up to its name by displaying its grandeur through the exquisite interior design. Helmed by Chef Ghazi George, he decided to carve his own niche in the culinary industry by setting up Al-Qasr to showcase this unique brand of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. Chef Ghazi George brings years of experience with him to present Lebanese food in its truest form. They have also added North African dishes to their repertoire and this move would see the more adventurous diners rubbing their hands with glee!


  • The Vibe
    A peek into Al-Qasr’s interior would blow one’s mind away; the immense effort in recreating the atmosphere in Lebanon becomes so real to the diner. Spotted here are many precious Middle Eastern antiques and ornaments that enhance the aesthetic pleasure of the diners. This is in view of the owner’s intention to produce a palatial feel where each patron is treated like a king or queen.
  • The Food
    Lebanese cuisine is fast gaining popularity here on our sunny island and it is not difficult to see why. The emphasis on freshness and quality has attracted many who seek to try this exotic and interesting cuisine. Start off your feast with your choice of appetizers, of which there are many exciting starters available! The executive chef ensures that he gets the freshest produce available by importing his ingredients directly from Lebanon. We began with the Kabis ($4) which is usually served as a complimentary dish made of assorted home-made pickled vegetables and olives.

    Hommos ($10) is a paste of chickpeas with garlic, parsley, sesame paste, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. The texture of the dish is really silky-smooth and emits a rich taste. The Moutabbal ($10) consists of roasted eggplants mixed with fresh herbs, garlic, tomatoes, and lemon juice and sesame paste. The dish is slightly bitter and would be a little tricky for local palates to handle. The Tabbouleh ($10) is a dish of freshly chopped parsley mixed with burgel wheat, tomatoes, green onions and lemon juice. All three appetizers go well with the Lebanese Pita Bread ($4 for 5 pcs), which is also known as “pocket bread”.

    If grilled meats are your thing, then you should not miss the kebabs at Al-Qasr. Try the Shirazy Kebab ($22), it is minced chicken kebab grilled and marinated with saffron sauce, parsley, cumin, coriander and pine kernels. The spices added into the marinate have certainly paid off as it enhanced the flavours of the meat, bringing out its aroma along with the distinctive smoky taste that comes from roasting.

    The Shikaf Kebab ($22) and Lebanese Kofta Kebab ($22) make up the Kebab cast and are also worth their weight in gold. The Shikaf Kebab is lamb chunks marinated with Lebanese spices served with grilled tomatoes and onions. This dish is for those who fancy a good chockfull of meat and it was unmistakably fragrant. The Lebanese Kofta Kebab is one of the star attractions and within moments after sinking my teeth into it, it dawned on me that the masses’ view is well justified. The flesh was tender and juicy which enticed me to finish every morsel of it.

    Rounding off the carnivore’s paradise are the Reyash Ghanam ($22) and Beef Sharwarma ($22). The Reyash Ghanam is grilled lamb chops with special Lebanese sauce. These generous slabs of lamb chops were well marinated by the chef’s fiercely guarded recipes. It had a distinctive flavour to it and made a very satisfying dish with the large portions. The Beef Sharwarma was the top draw in my book. A unique proposition in itself, it consists of sliced beef tenderloin meat marinated with grapes vinegar, olive oil, sesame paste and spices. It was “packed” into a pocket bread and to be eaten together. The beef had strong flavours emitting from the spices and sweetness from the onions, making it very likeable and if not for the calorie count, I would have had more of it!

  • The Service 
    The staff is friendly and amicable. Do not hesitate to approach the manager for recommendations as they are warm and hospitable, ever-ready to highlight the daily specials to customers.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Al-Qasr
Al-Qasr is the place for the adventurous and those that are seeking for food with a distinctive and exotic taste. The chef, Ghazi George, does not compromise the quality of the food by importing the freshest produce from Lebanon to give diners the most authentic experience. All in all, it is a good venue to try out a new cuisine but it is certainly not for the faint hearted.

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