Bussorah Street may sound foreign to most Singaporeans but it is definitely close to the hearts of Turkish expatriates in Singapore. Here is where you can find Alaturka, a restaurant serving authentic Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. Established since 2005 with its mission “To delight the palate of each & every one and make Turkish and Mediterranean dishes irresistible”, Alaturka has managed to keep its promises at bay.

  • The Vibe
    With handpainted flower motifs adorning the brick walls and exotic lamps specially imported from Turkey illuminating the restaurant, one can be forgiven for conjuring thoughts of Turkey in this local setting.  With its 60-seater capacity, Alaturka is able to accomodate a curious crowd craving for Turkish delights any time of the year.
  • The Food
    The menu has a wide variety of authentic Turkish cuisine ranging from appetizers to main courses and desserts. For the appetizer, try the Lavash which was Balloon bread garnished with sesame ($2.50) and Meze Tabagi ($14) consisting of an assortment of dips and finger food. The puffed bread which was akin to a naan, served piping hot from the oven, went well with the garlic and eggplant sauces. As lamb is essentially the main meat used in Turkish cuisine, it is not surprising to find aplenty lamb dishes on the menu. If you have grown accustomed to the strong flavours of lamb, attempt the most popular dish, Musaka ($14). Lamb stewed with mediterranean eggpant, topped with melted cheese, chopped onions and tomatoes; this dish proved to be a savoury delight for the palate. Kofte ($13) which was lamb patties marinated with herbs and spices, with side accompaniments of vegetables and pilaf rice, would be a safe bet for a quick bite. Those with a more tolerant palate can opt for the Beyi Kebabs ($15) which had spicy grilled minced meat wrapped in a naan-like bread. Dip it with the yogurt served and be elated by the refreshing and not all too creamy texture, enchanting your senses. Fret not if you are not a lamb lover as the other alternatives such as salmon and cod fish are able to complete your meal as well.

    At Alaturka, there is a beverage to complement the dishes ordered. House favourites would be the apple tea imported from Turkey ($2) and homemade lemonade and mint tea which soothe the palates. Those with a sweet tooth will be enthralled by the all too sweet Firin Sutlac ($4.50) which was baked rice pudding topped wth grinded pistachios. The Baklava ($5.30), a Turkish pastry filled with pistachios  has a unique fusion of taste, making it delectable treat. The health-conscious patrons may decide to skip the dessert as the characteristics of the Turkish desserts render them rich with flavour and sweet little things to delight in.

  • The Service
    The staff was not too attentive and helpful. Dining at Alaturka will require a meticulous study of the menu and its ingredients to understand the taste and concept of the food served so as not to be too astounded when the dish arrives at your table.

The SD food advisor’s take on Alaturka
A visit to this restaurant will be a life-time experience for those who have grown tired of local cuisines and in search of something more adventurous.  Prices are reasonable and the food is worth a try. Chill out with the backdrop of the Singapore River in a made-believe Turkey restaurant.

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