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The Arab Street enclave with its nooks and crannies is home to many treasures, with its variety of wares and restaurants serving cuisines from all parts of the world. Navigate your way along this maze of roads to Pahang Street, where Amirah’s Grill is housed in a two-storey conserved shophouse. While its sports a no-frill façade, step in and be amazed by the Middle Eastern and Western cuisine, the brainchild of award-winning Egyptian-born Chef Ashraf Mohamed.

  • The Vibe
    Amirah’s Grill has been opened since 1998. Previously located in Joo Chiat Road before it moved to its current premises in Pahang Street in 2005, it has now expanded to a second outlet in Bussorah Street in February 2007. Amirah, which means princess or leader in Arabic, ties in with the restaurant’s logo of an Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, famed for her beauty. Various Egyptian artifacts like papyrus artwork of pharaohs, pyramids and the sphinx grace the walls of this brightly painted restaurant while the colourful line of hookah or water pipes add to the feel of the Mediterranean charm.
  • The Food
    The restaurant serves a good mix of Western and Middle Eastern main courses ranging from ribs and steak to kebabs. A must-try dish from the Middle Eastern main course is the Turkish Mixed Kebab ($12.90). Served with coleslaw, this dish comes as a platter consisting of Arabic fragrant rice with chicken, lamb and beef. The lamb is moist and truly scrumptious with a hint of spiciness. Eat it with its gravy to savour its full delectability alongside the Arabic rice which reminds one of tomato rice. The beef is served on a short skewer, in bite sizes, perfect for those who like tangy meat. Equally delicious is the succulent chicken, which is perfectly flavoured to delight one’s palate.The mesmerizing Mixed Grill Seafood platter ($15.90) is also another dish worth trying. In a serving of a pair of king prawns, slices of fresh sea bass, squids and mussels, the one that come off tops is the fish with its pleasant sourish aftertaste. This is a highly recommended dish for seafood lovers. Indeed, the food has been ‘adjusted’ to delight local palates. 

    For dessert, try the Basbousa ($3), a typical Egyptian dessert. Made of semolina, this squarish slice of cake is covered in syrup, the perfect companion to a cup of Arabic tea or spiced coffee. While not exactly very sweet, this dessert does take some getting use to. Otherwise, opt for Baqlawa ($3), which is another popular Egyptian dessert. The baqlawa served here is made of layers of paper-thin dough. Sugar syrup is then poured over the pastry to give it a translucency and a rich honey flavor. The baqlawa is a sweet dessert, one guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    If you need a drink to rejuvenate your senses, ask for the popular Karkhadae ($3). Made from dried hibiscus petals, this fragrant drink looks similar to Ribena but packs a punch in terms of taste. Or opt for the more sedate and filling, shake-like Islamic Fresh Dates with Milk ($3), which is however, seasonal.

  • The Service
    The restaurant is open daily from noon onwards till midnight. Food arrives in a timely manner and is served by a team of waiters and waitresses headed by a rather gruff supervisor.

The SD Food Advisor’s Take on Amirah’s Grill
The interior of Amirah’s Grill leans more towards a café style than a restaurant. The eatery attempts to provide as many rooms and corners for its patrons. It has dining facilities on the second floor for buffet, cozy private rooms with sofa and settees for a relaxed dining experience and even a verandah area to take in the night view. Nonetheless, the restaurant in itself is not impressive as the setting is rather run-down, but the food is truly finger-licking good and that makes up for its shortcomings. Pricewise, it is indeed value for money. If you are someone who appreciates good food and is willing to forego ambience, then, this is the place to go.

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