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Weekdays, you lament about your hectic work day and settle for unhealthy fast food so as to save time. Weekends, you laboriously wash, wipe and wax that 4-wheel automobile in the car porch so that it looks its best. However, what you find, is only a fatigue, weary face staring blankly back at you in the reflection of the gleaming, sleek vehicle at the end of the day. You realize that the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city life has taken a toll on your body.


If that scenario sounds familiar to you, then it is time to start pampering yourself because you definitely deserve better. Start by indulging in a spa treatment at Raffles The Plaza, designed to soothe away your physical aches. Not forgetting, food is also an integral part of rejuvenation. Relax, revitalize and rejoice as you saunter down to Alligator Pear located at the 8 th storey after your spa to enjoy a generous spread of healthy and delectable spa cuisines!

  • The Vibe 
    Alligator Pear is located in a unique, breezy tropical setting. You may take a dip in the warm waters of the swimming pool or just enjoy the soothing water views from your table. Bask in the sun as the shady palm trees sway gracefully in the lush landscape. The serene surroundings provide the perfect atmosphere to luxuriate in while you enjoy a tantalising variety of tasty and healthy dishes.
  • The Food 
    If the idea of Spa cuisine evokes images of a solitary lettuce leaf, bland food and bad pangs of hunger, then get ready for a lip-smacking surprise at Alligator Pear!

    Take time to unwind as you tuck into your appetizer, the Tomato Puree Soup ($6). The main emphasis of spa cuisines is on avoiding highly processed foods, artificial additives and added salt, and reducing intake of foods that are high in saturated fat or cholesterol. Generally, tomato puree takes away the additives that are commonly found in complete tomato sauce. Its smooth consistency is light on the taste buds but you may find yourself getting bored of its taste after a few mouthfuls as it lacked the zest and was not as flavorful as you would like it to be. However, if you like garden- fresh salads, opt for the Baby Spinach & Avocado Salad with Sun-dried Blueberries and Citrus Fruit, tossed with Coriander Mint Vinaigrette ($15). Each mouthful of the salad is kept refreshing as your teeth sink into the delicate flesh of the fruits – its juice spurts all over the insides of your mouth, leaving you in sheer bliss.

    A notable dish is the Baked Chickpea Parcel with Mint Green Pea Sauce ($11.50). Wrapped delicately like a charming little gift, it is a pity if you think that it is a shame to ruin the adorable arrangement. Served warm, the parcel contains large chunky pieces of peas cooked in a sweet tomato paste while its crust is grilled to a crisp.

    The Steamed Sea Bass Fillet & Sautéed Spinach Leaves ($24) is also a commendable dish. The tender flesh of the fillet slipped effortlessly down the back of my throat. In addition, the potatoes placed deftly next to the fillet was of the right consistency – soft but not too mashy. An alternative would be the Stir-fried Chicken with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Balsamic Vinegar and Basil ($22). Unlike the other main courses, this dish does not leave a lasting impression because it looks and tastes like just another home- cooked meal, and simply does not justify its price.

    Two thumbs up for the Grilled King Prawn with Thai Chilli Sauce ($28). The flesh of the prawn can be easily removed from the shell and is exceptionally succulent. The fried rice which contains egg and prawns is also amazingly fragrant. This is a dish where its flavour, colour, aroma, texture and nutrition blend to perfection!

    Who says you would have to forgo the desserts if you want a healthy diet? Go for the Orange Cream Caramel with Ginger Citrus Fruit Salad ($8). The orange cream is soft, velvety but not too sweet – precisely what we need, just to satisfy that nagging craving!

  • The Service 
    Dressed in casual polo tees, bermudas and sandals, the service staff are approachable and helpful. At times, it is difficult to catch the attention of the service staff. Not only do they have to attend to the kitchen, they have to serve the customers that stretch from one end of the swimming pool to another. Nonetheless, the laid-back and casual atmosphere puts one in a relaxed mood, and hence more patient. Well, the waiting time does not feel that long afterall.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Alligator Pear 
Pick your choice of food wisely – I found myself having 3 dishes that were cooked using the same tomato base. Otherwise, Alligator Pear has proved that nutritional food is not necessarily flavorless. Furthermore, the ambience is definitely a bonus. It was a pleasure to indulge in the casual atmosphere which releases the mind from day-to-day concerns. A rejuvenating experience, a meal at Alligator Pear lifts up one’s spirits instantly.

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