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Every foodie in this food-crazy city is secretly an obsessed buffet fanatic who stays on constant vigilance for the best buffet bargain in town. True enough, Fortune Cuisine – opened in September 2007 at Clementi’s new-fangled Sunset Way dining belt – is a mob scene. Fortune Cuisine offers charcoal barbeque and/or steamboat style international buffet at a bargain price of $19.80++ (adults) on weekdays and $22.80++ (adults) on weekends. And yes, this is a “must-go”.


  • The Vibe 
    The largest restaurant at Sunset Way’s dining enclave, Fortune Cuisine’s interior’s vastness is lost in a dark mess of mahogany parquet flooring, brown wooden panels and too-dim lighting. The positioning of the buffet island inside also means that you will have to select your food in the dark. In contrast, the alfresco dining area is, literally, a breath of fresh air. Dine beneath the sundown skies and against a green backdrop of tall trees. The only reminder that you are about to have a buffet dinner at Fortune Cuisine is the charcoal barbeque grill and the steamboat cooker placed on the carefully-set tables.
  • The Food 
    At Fortune Cuisine, you can choose to either have your dinner buffet charcoal barbeque–style or steamboat-style, or you can have it both styles, or you can call for a friendly waiter to be your personal chef for the night.  Either way, you are likely to be dazzled the buffet spread which lies ahead.

    The seafood selection is a sea of fish fillets, hefty crayfish, fleshy crabs, large prawns, fresh mussels and more. Nearby, the meat counter contains a limited list but endless supply of thinly-sliced chicken, beef and ham fillets. These are best glazed with some barbeque sauce, then charcoal barbequed for about five minutes on each side, and eaten hot off the grill. For that extra oomph, dip your barbequed grub into some light soya sauce that is mixed with a little ginger as recommended by the ever-helpful waiter-cum-personal chef.

    Abandon the charcoal barbeque grill for awhile to start your steamboat cooker, which is dual–fitted with spicy mala soup on one side and mild seafood soup on the other. Their version ofmala soup is highly hot and spicy with just a thin film of oil on the surface, and recommended only for those with strong palates. The rest of us can sample the milder seafood soup. Both soups are delicious on their own, but even tastier when added with slices of white fish, fishballs, sotong balls, crabsticks and mushrooms.

    While waiting for your food to be cooked, head for the sushi selection of more than 20 ( makiincluded!) and an array of fresh sashimi (ranging from white fish to squid, and everything in between). If these are too raw for your tastes, help yourself to cooked dishes like the richly-flavoured lemon chicken cutlets and sweet-and-sour fish fillets. These are smaller than bite-sized, so pile on!

    The list of dessert is brief and the fruit bar is disappointing, but cheer up at the free flow of drinks here which includes but soft drinks, piping hot coffee and even flavoured Dilmah tea.

  • The Service 
    The service is personalized and friendly. Our friendly waiter-cum-personal chef barbequed and steamed our food – from crabsticks to crabs, and fishballs to crayfish – to a delicious perfection. He also gleefully urged us to “eat more, eat more”.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on Fortune Cuisine
Fortune Cuisine is a definite one of the best buffet bargains in town in terms of quality, quantity and price – although it is only a matter of time before the prices are increased. With an extremely wide spread of food items, you cannot ask for anything more – except for maybe another branch or two. For now, Fortune Cuisine is enjoying a thronging patronage (and it will be this way for quite some time), thus reservations are a definite must.

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