Siam Kitchen

From men and women decked in power suits to teenagers in their school uniforms, one would most probably find them tucking in to scrumptious Thai cuisine that this restaurant offers. First opened to the public in 1997, it has since expanded to a chain of eight outlets spread evenly across this island. Well reputed for its value for money dishes, Siam Kitchen offers an array of selection for diners, from a quick meal of Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood to an appetite whetting buffet.

  • The Vibe 
    Simple setting and unpretentious, this is one restaurant anyone will feel most at ease. Be prepared to dine with chatty voices and other surrounding noises in the background. Siam Kitchen has a high turnover rate, which means that diners go there for one reason only, and that is to satisfy their growling stomachs.

    The “breezy” outlook and the smiling waiters, and sometimes the long queue, would be a drawing factor for you to dine at Siam Kitchen. All the outlets adopt a similar concept, which is a simple and clean interior, coupled with down lights and rose-wood paneled walls. Adding on to the interior is the beech furniture and the trademark sepia murals that are found on the walls. These murals portray images synonymous to Thailand , like the popular vehicle, Tuk-Tuk, which exudes a feel of being in the Land of a Thousand Smiles.

  • The Food 
    With chefs hailing from Thailand heading their kitchens, it is not a surprise that some of the dishes taste as authentic as those you will savour in Thailand. The Tom Yum soup with prawn oozes with aromatic fragrance of lemongrass wafting, it certainly does not disappoint the palates promising a perfect balance of sour and spicy feel. The chicken satay tender and succulent, tastes harmoniously delightful when accompanied with the peanut sauce which has a sweet spicy tinge to it, serving to enhance its flavour even more. A recommended dish will be the stir fried minced chicken with Basil and Chilli. What differentiates this dish from the rest lies in its unique taste that borders between almost refreshing and spicy with a slight piquant taste derived from the basil and chilli mix. The other dish which is popular among the Thais is the green curry chicken which is moderately creamy and yet have a lighter texture than red curry. The chicken are diced into smaller pieces stewed for a period of time for its tender texture. Once again, basil leave is added in the curry to create the fragrant aroma of the dish. For those with a hearty appetite, the lunch or dinner buffet, costing between $14.90++ to $19.90++ per person, will be most appropriate. Unlike the usual buffet where the food are placed in the warmers for us to select and bring back to our seats, at Siam Kitchen, the dish is brought to you. Served in small portions, one can always request for refill when the dish is finished. This is a good way to prevent food wastage and consuming the dishes being served warm as they are freshly prepared and cooked only upon demand.
  • The Service 
    “Sawadee ka” will be a common greeting by the waiters and waitresses of Siam Kitchen outlets. The staff are decked in black and reasonably knowledgeable about the dishes the restaurant offers.

SD Food Advisor’s Take on Siam Kitchen 
Siam Kitchen will be a fuss-free quick bite stop-over for those with Thai food cravings. Die-hard romantics may choose to give this place a miss for its setting is neither cosy not intimate but more of a mass appeal. However, the menu of the restaurant is commendable as it not only have indicators on the more popular dishes, but it also alerts diners of the more spicy and child friendly meals.

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