White Dog Café

Having a bizarre name like White Dog Café surely rouses up various ideas about the feel of the restaurant, as well as the food that it serves. This café housed in front of the bay at the Vivocity shopping mall is one eclectic sight to behold, with a medley of striking colours constructing its funky vibe, and serves a fusion of Italian, French and Japanese cuisines all under one roof. Indeed, there is nothing white about White Dog Café. An entrepreneurial venture by young Frenchman Mr. Bruno Soligny, his restaurant emanates a youthful energy that draws not only the young, but also the young at heart in to have enjoy fuss-free meals or indulge in a tête-à-tête with close friends over cakes and coffee.


  • The Vibe 
    A quirky mishmash of purple, yellow, red and gold colours, dining in the White Dog Café brings to fore a feel of playfulness and energy. There are separate areas to seat yourself at, which brings about different moods alongside. If you fancy a space to unwind with some coffees, a raised platform of bold red lounge seats and chocolate brown walls situated right at the entrance of this café should be just what the doctor ordered. For heavier meals, adjourn inside to discover a breezy dining room with full glass windows that offers an unobstructed view over the harbour, and the sea beyond. Curious onlookers can also take a peek at the chefs at work through the glass panel of the kitchen, or simply sit back against the comfortable purple and yellow armchairs and breathe in the whole blasé atmosphere.
  • The Food 
    Headed by Mr Bruno himself, the kitchen at White Dog Café is as multifarious as its interior. Marrying the best of flavours from France , Italy and Japan , the menu reflects a plenteous haul of light bites as well as wholesome main courses of pasta, pizza, sandwiches and so forth.

    Kick start your meal with some Deep Fried Calamari ($7) and Soft Shell Crab ($10.50). Served with a creamy and lightly spiced garlic mayonnaise sauce, along with a hearty mix of fresh greens, the calamari rings were commendably crumbly on the outside yet chewy on the inside, affording a blend of many flavours. Similarly, the deep fried soft shell crabs were suitably crispy and managed to retain the tenderness of the white flesh within.

    For the mains, I would recommend the evenly grilled Chicken Leg ($17.90) that is served over a bed of smooth mashed potatoes and drizzled with an aromatic Trompettes Mushroom sauce, as well as the pan-fried Prawn Aglio Olio Linguine ($16) flavoured with roasted pine nuts, garlic bits, olive oil and garnished with chilli flakes.

  • Cakes and drinks 
    Pretty as they come, the cakes freshly made in house daily in the White Dog Café are skillfully prepared and also delicately presented. Do order the creamy and sweet Strawberry Shortcake ($6.50) that comes with glazed strawberries on the side, and the delectable Warm Chocolate Cake served with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream ($7.50) that tastes moist and luxuriously rich at the same time.

    Invigorate your taste senses with a wholesome Kiwi Dream ($7.90) smoothie that pumps in a rush of vitamin C adrenalin, and offers a burst of natural flavours to satisfy your sweet cravings the healthy way.

The SD Food Advisor’s take on White Dog Café 
Do take a breather from all the incessant shopping in this café that offers a good respite from the hustle and bustle of Vivocity. With a fun and casual concept, White Dog Café is one place to patronize for seriously indulgent meals at rather affordable prices. While the standards of the food and service here are not exactly out of this world, the different factors come together to make this café worthy of a visit after your shopping spree in Vivocity.

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